5S Workplace Organization

A methodology for organizing, cleaning, developing, and sustaining a productive work environment.

Sort – Get rid of clutter – Items which are not used in work area should be removed – Items infrequently used should be properly identified and removed.

Set In Order – Organize the work area – A place for everything and everything in its place – All production items and their storage locations should be clearly identified – accessibility should be prioritized with reference to use – cleaning materials/utensils must be stored in the work area – the sharing of cleaning materials/utensils between work areas should be discouraged.

Shine – Clean and Buff up the work area – It is essential that enough attention be paid to the neatness of work stations so that the workers will be able to take pride in ownership.

Standardize – Establish written standards for order and cleanliness – specific time should be reserved for cleaning work stations (end of day and/or end of task.)

Sustain – Maintain the standards through training, empowerment, commitment, and discipline.